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The T. J. Mullin Law Office handles consumer bankruptcy only,
which means we focus our time and considerable experience onto one area: you

We do not represent banks, loan companies, credit card companies, landlords or government agencies. We represent individuals who need to file bankruptcy to get a fresh start that Congress intended for them to have when the bankruptcy laws were established.

If you feel like you are getting further and further behind, that you are being pressured by creditors seeking to seize your money or property, and are looking to get a fresh start so you no longer need to worry about calls, letters, law suits, seizures of all types and other collection activity, then our office can help.

The loss of a job, followed by a lengthy period of unemployment, and in many cases finding a new job at a much lower salary, is today’s primary reason for falling behind financially.  Medical bills not covered by insurance, and the expenses of a divorce involved in setting up two households instead of one, are other prime factors.

We do not believe that companies offering stopgap measures, such as ‘cleaning up your credit report’ and attempting to lower amounts due on a particular debt, are in any way effective.  Your legal rights under the Bankruptcy Code has the capability of handling all your debts using the law, not negotiation.
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