T. J. Mullin
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Our fees, which include all court costs and the debtor education classes, are $1,200 for a single individual, or $1,400 for a married couple. Fees are $50 per person higher for certain counties such as St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren. This assumes you are a standard consumer case. For individuals who own and operate their own business (or previously did so), fees may be higher. We will need to discuss that with you when you come in for your appointment. Cases which are heard in Hannibal or Cape Girardeau are more costly due to the extra travel time involved. Again we will discuss that with you when you come in for your appointment.            

You may pay the fees in whatever manner you wish. However due to the requirements of the law, all fees much be paid in full prior to filing of the case. You may bring all the fees with you when you come in or a partial payment. Payment must be by cash, money order or cashier’s check. Due to issues involved with the bankruptcy code, we cannot accept personal checks or charge cards.  If you cannot pay in full at your first appointment, you may mail or bring in future payments.