T. J. Mullin
Law Office

History of the Office

The Law Offices of T. J. Mullin were established in 1976 in Clayton, Missouri, after Mr. Mullin left active duty with the U. S. Army.  Mr. Mullin operated the Legal Assistance Office for the U. S. Military personnel assigned duty in the St. Louis area. Mr. Mullin realized there was a need for someone to provide consumer related legal services in an organized, efficient manner, which would be economically feasible for the average person.

Since 1976, the offices have been dedicated to providing these needed services to people who live in the Eastern District of Missouri , basically the Eastern half of the state, including St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson, St. Francois, Franklin, St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren  Counties.  His offices initially offered a broad spectrum of civil services—divorce, bankruptcy, adoption, wills, and name changes.

Mr. Mullin was one of the first attorneys to advertise, first in newspapers, then radio and television.  He firmly believes that advertising is necessary to let the public know its rights.   Breaking new ground by listing prices for services was a crucial factor—people in need of these services no longer had to worry and wonder whether they could afford them of not.

In 1988, Mr. Mullin decided to concentrate his practice in the area of consumer bankruptcy, and was soon considered an area expert.  He has been quoted numerous times in not only local papers,  such as The Post Dispatch and the St. Louis Business Journal, but also in the Wall Street Journal, and  has been interviewed on both radio and television. He frequently helps give seminars on bankruptcy sponsored by the Missouri Bar Association. You can find copies of several articles in our section “Awards and Interviews”.

Since beginning his career, Mr. Mullin’s philosophy and goal  has been to deliver the highest quality of legal service in an efficient, economical fashion so as to be accessible to everyone.

When you come to the Law Offices of T. J. Mullin, you will see T. J. Mullin, not a paralegal or junior associate.

Your case is important to you and it is important to T. J. Mullin.